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Benefits for Teachers

Discover how SLEUTH helps individuals and teachers.

Access pedagogical research

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments and best practices across 12 high-impact pedagogical growth fields. With free access to research, peer-reviewed articles and evidence-based learning practices, SLEUTH supports you to proactively grow your knowledge and make well-informed decisions in the learning environment.

Innovate your practice

Use our hub of evidence-based strategies and research to learn, experiment and try new teaching techniques with confidence. SLEUTH offers more than 3000 actionable steps and solutions so that you can monitor, adapt and explore effective teaching strategies.

Just like your students, what defines ‘best practice’ in the field of education is constantly evolving. SLEUTH gives you the certainty you need to grow your own teaching practice as the capabilities of your learners change too.

Grow your pedagogy

SLEUTH’s self-assessment tool promotes proactive self-efficacy, providing a clear and actionable framework to support your professional development.

Create, track and complete personal goals as you identify your competencies, grow your skills in focus areas and embed new teaching methods in your practice.

Improve teacher wellbeing

SLEUTH knows that teachers are undertaking complex work, which is why the platform is focused on equipping teachers with the tools, research and confidence they need. SLEUTH helps you:

Offer and receive assistance from teachers around the world

Experience pedagogical growth by regularly putting evidence-based strategy into practice

Foster positive learning environments for students

Reduce uncertainty and increase job satisfaction

Improve student outcomes

Improve parent-teacher relationships

SLEUTH gives you the confidence to lead challenging conversations with parents.

By using SLEUTH’s research-backed rationale as the foundation to discuss decisions made in the classroom, you can collaborate with parents in a pragmatic way and build strong relationships that place your student’s needs above all else.

Offer and receive assistance

SLEUTH’s collegial assistance tool enables teachers to discover and connect with colleagues who may be seeking help in an area of practice, or to whom you might be able to provide support.

Improve student outcomes for all

It’s not the school curriculum or student results that has the highest impact on student outcomes. It’s how teachers teach.
That’s why SLEUTH allows you to add your own literature, strategies, and research to the platform. Local or relevant experiences can be shared online with other teachers who can investigate your findings further to grow their practice and their students’ outcomes as a result.

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