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Teaching students with learning needs

Embrace the unique learning methods of students with special needs as you broaden your knowledge in the field of special education.

The diversity of learning needs can make it difficult to find a teaching approach that resonates with every student in the classroom. Without the proper knowledge and resources, students with special needs can be at a disadvantage, and teachers ill-equipped to deal with challenges that may arise.

From autistic students to deaf students, students with ADHD to students with dyslexia – SLEUTH offers comprehensive and targeted teaching strategies that are proven to progress the abilities of students with specific disorders, disabilities and unique learning needs.

Within the field of special education, SLEUTH covers over 20 focus areas so that teachers are better positioned to identify the specific needs of individual learners before embedding appropriate pedagogical strategies that ensure equal education opportunities for all.

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Sleuth provides teachers with the tools and research they need to improve their students’ outcomes.

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