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Managing challenging student behaviour

Learn how to manage and respond to the needs of challenging students with neuroscience and effective restorative practices as your guide.

Whether they’re struggling, misbehaving or underachieving – the consequences of mismanaged students in the classroom can not only reinforce unwanted behaviors, but demand additional time and energy from teachers, cause disruption among other students and create a challenging environment to effectively model empathy and respect.

SLEUTH provides teachers with an investigation of neuroscience that links cognitive processes with a learner’s thinking, actions and behaviors. SLEUTH covers 20 unique focus areas in-depth, such as emotional control, self-monitoring and cognitive flexibility.

Using the research, SLEUTH supports teachers to easily identify the root cause of the challenging behavior, and learn how to apply effective teaching methods and strategies to manage, respond, and adapt to students as they strengthen their own cognitive function.

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Sleuth provides teachers with the tools and research they need to improve their students’ outcomes.

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