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Benefits for Schools

Discover how SLEUTH can support your school.

Give your staff the research they need

SLEUTH has identified 12 pedagogical research fields which have been shown to have the most positive impact in the learning environment.

With 24/7 online access to research and peer-reviewed articles on these topics, you can support your teachers to explore and extend their pedagogy anytime, anywhere.

Find solutions, fast

Putting new knowledge into practice inherently involves change, and with it – uncertainty. With more than 3000 actionable steps and quick-find solutions, your teachers can embed new methods into their practice with confidence.

Assess your school’s skills

Gain insights into the distribution of skills across all pedagogical fields in your school with SLEUTH’s teacher self-assessment tool.

Armed with a holistic understanding of your internal capabilities, school leaders can make informed decisions to support targeted professional development and meet the diverse learning needs of your students.

Promote professional development

Our self-evaluation tool provides teachers with the ability to reflect on their core competencies and identify areas for improvement. SLEUTH enables teachers to create and track their own personal goals, as well as reflect on their alignment with school-wide focus targets, which can be set by school leaders to unify all staff.

SLEUTH is designed to foster a culture of continuous self-inquiry and self-efficacy within the framework of your school’s strategic objectives.

Use your school’s capabilities

SLEUTH makes it easy for your teaching staff to offer and receive assistance from each other and creates a culture of resourcefulness within your school.

By encouraging teachers to identify their competencies, focus areas or pedagogical fields they’re passionate about – teachers are able to quickly connect with relevant colleagues to share their knowledge or get some guidance.

Commit to growing education

Because SLEUTH allows educators to add their own literature, strategies, and research to the platform, your school can play a significant role in promoting the growth and development of the education field, improving outcomes for teachers and students alike.

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